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 43o 32' 03" NGW
19° 13' 27"IGH


 612 км2


 about 90.000

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+ 381 15 879 206

Coordinate: 43° 32' 03" NGW, 19° 13' 27" IGH

             Loznica is situated in the foothill of the north slopes of Gucevo, near the river Drina ( less fhan 3 km) at height above the see level of 142 m.  It is located at the crossroad of alluvial valleys of Drina, from one side and northwest slopes of Gucevo, from the other side and valley banks of the small river Stira.  It belongs to Macva  region, occupying 19 % of its territory.
              The City of Loznica covers the area of а 612 км2, between the mountain of Cer, south areas of Mac a, river Drina to the west and mountains of Gucevo and Boranja to the south. According to 1991 census the then municipality had about 87658 of residents in  54 settlements. The City is populated with Serb population, (94,6%) who migrated in 18th and 19th century from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Radjevina, Azbukovica, Podgorina, Gornje Podrinje and other regions.. 
             Loznica has  goods geographical  - traffic position. The Main traffic lines passes through Loznica, Belgrade-Sabac-Loznica-Zvornik - Tuzla - Sarajevo, and Bijeljina - Loznica - Mali Zvornik - Bajina Basta - Uzice and further on to Montenegrin coastline .  The road Loznica  - Osecina - Valjevo - Lajkovac, provides access to Ibar highway. The railroad Sabac  - Zvornik goes through Loznica..
             Loznica is natural, business, traffic and cultural centre of this part of Podrinje. .  It played very important role in history, as border town in Principality of Serbia, extending toward Bosnian pashadom, when it used to be regional place and afterwards, as seat of the Jadar region, later on the seat of Loznica region.
           The natural position of Loznica is the reason for mild climate, with lots of hottest days in the course of the year and minor temperature oscillations.




Novi Sad


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22.March 2010.
First donor card in Loznica
Having signed organ donor registration form at the ...

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